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Lissy Des Voigne

Partner | Chief Operating Officer


As a partner in Divorce Strategies Northwest, Melissa (Lissy) Des Voigne works with clients to help them envision and create their next chapter after divorce. Lissy is a Certified Life Coach and Personal Finance Coach who brings a rich tapestry of life and professional experience in her approach to coaching.  
During the divorce process, Lissy works with clients to help them look to the future and define what they want for themselves and their family in their new life. The coaching process during divorce proceedings helps clients to identify where they want to go in the next phase of life, identify goals and next steps to achieve that vision, and support them as they move through the process.  Along the way, we identify blocks and work to address those as well, keeping our eyes on the prize… a new amazing life!
Post-divorce, Lissy works with clients to obtain a clear picture of their day-to-day finances, so they can confidently negotiate a sustainable financial plan for the future. Financial coaching is a combination of practical skills, emotional exploration and healing. Much of the work involves helping clients to recognize their “blind spots” around money and then learning personal money management skills that keep them regularly connected to their money. This unique coaching process allows clients to see their financial picture clearly, and to confidently create an intentional financial life, both now and for the future.
Lissy’s personal journey and life experience have contributed to her intuitive, empathetic and deep understanding of her clients’ needs. Her own success with personal finance coaching has fueled her passion to help others gain control of their futures. Lissy’s intensive coaching education, specifically focused on holistic life coaching and personal finance management, further enhance, hone and apply Lissy’s wisdom and leadership to real life for her clients. Lissy’s unique approach to coaching helps to guide her clients towards more life satisfaction, financial security and hope for the future.
Lissy was chosen to partner with Divorce Strategies Northwest due to her depth of knowledge, her empathy, and her keen ability to help clients to feel hope rather than fear, when looking to their new future. Lissy lives in Lake Forest Park with her husband, their two sons, and their Goldendoodle George.


Prior to joining Divorce Strategies Northwest, Lissy was a Co-Owner at Des Voigne Cellars in Woodinville for 11+ years and a Corporate Event Planner at CRG Events for 8 years. She is a graduate of Western Washington University, with a Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Communication.

Areas of Expertise

Why Work with a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach can serve as both a sounding board and an accountability partner. As a coach, Lissy works with our clients to become focused on the future and creating a way to get there.

Divorce coaching is a process that helps clients:

  • Identify their goals and overall life vision
  • Determine the steps for achieving those goals
  • Recognize the obstacles that are holding them back
  • Learn specific tools and exercises for clearing blocks and staying aligned with their vision

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