Developing a Divorce Strategy

Developing a Divorce Strategy in Bellevue, Redmond, or Greater Seattle | Divorce Strategies NW

We'll Help You Draft a Divorce Strategy

We will carefully discuss with you the ideal outcomes of your divorce in a variety of areas including asset division and settlement, financial solvency, personal and household budget, child custody/parenting plan decisions, child support and spousal maintenance. Together we will create a strategy to achieve these goals— taking into account state laws and considering the specifics challenges of your case. Mediation instead of litigation is vociferously encouraged, if possible in your case.

Strategically Positioned to Succeed

Our strategy helps you ‘get the ‘homework’ done’ by gathering all of your supporting documents and the background information you’ll need, to prepare a solid case for your divorce. Surviving a divorce is intensely personal. Being armed with facts, knowing your rights and understanding the process prepares you, gives you confidence and strategically positions you to succeed. Our unique, proactive approach is cost-effective, less combative and ultimately less painful on all parties involved.

Even in the most amicable of dissolution cases, emotions can change quickly and seemingly on a dime. The elements and factors of each case vary. During a divorce, you may be surprised at the behavior, actions, and requests from your spouse. This conflict can be traumatic, hard to understand, painful to internalize and important to process quickly. Our team responds calmly and with skill, to changes and issues that arise. We help you process, consider and calmly respond to surprises and escalations you may face.

Let us help you!

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Our Mission Statement
Walking You Through Divorce

Our Process

1. Complimentary Consultation

Want to know more about who we are and what we do?  We offer a complimentary consultation session to prospective clients so that we can get to know you and the particulars of your situation and you can get to know us and how we work.

2. Customized Proposal

Based on the information gathered in this preliminary meeting we will draft a proposal of services with either flat free or hourly pricing for your review.  

3. Strategy Session

Once contracted, our work together begins with an initial intake meeting where we gather all necessary information needed to begin developing your divorce strategy.  We take the time to understand your needs, your concerns and your goals, and the unique factors of your case. 

4. Ongoing Communications and Support

Our unique process includes ongoing coaching, communications and support to help you transition through the process. Our team is readily available to answer questions and help you work through obstacles, manage emotions and overcome fears. As issues arise and high stakes decisions must be made, we are there to support and guide you with compassion and expertise.

Developing a Divorce Strategy | Divorce Strategies NW

5. Developing Your Strategy and Support Documents

As we work with you to prepare you for the legal process, we guide you in gathering all necessary documentation.  During this phase our team is working both with you and behind the scenes to develop your individual strategy and collect and draft the necessary documents for your attorney or paralegal.

6. Transitioning You to Your Legal Team

When you are ready to proceed legally, we will transition you to our in house paralegal (as part of our Conscious Uncoupling package) or to an attorney that is appropriate for your case.  We will help prepare you to work efficiently with your attorney and provide your attorney with the information we have collected in advance. We continue to work in tandem with your attorney, helping you make important decisions and providing you with coaching and support along the way.

Personalized Strategy

We recognize that each divorce is different and carefully plan a custom strategy that is right for you and your situation, no matter what stage you are.


Our work together is sensitive, discreet and confidential, while we provide a customized, non-judgmental safe-haven keeping you focused and on task.

Save Time and Money

Our experience, wisdom, and compassionate leadership streamline and supports you through this painful process saving you time and money.


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