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Creating the Life You'll Love to Live after divorce

Walking With You Through Divorce

Whether you're contemplating a divorce, have already started the process, or are far into the proceedings, do you wish you had someone to help you, support you and be on your side?

We're here for you. We provide hope and support for those drowning in the details of divorce.

Divorce Strategies Northwest was just what I needed after my husband surprised me with divorce papers. They are a team of smart women who guided me through the scary maze I was being forced into. Their leadership was just what I needed.

The DSNW team walked me through the darkest days and helped me find professional help I didn’t even know was out there. They were empathetic, caring and insightful during a process I wasn’t sure I could survive. Besides saving me money, they brought HOPE back into my life.
— DSNW Client - Issaquah, WA

What We Do

The team at Divorce Strategies Northwest understands the complexity, fear, stress and confusion that the process of divorce entails. You’re thrust into a crash course you never hoped to take!

The end of a marriage is a process that sends ripples into all areas of your life. How can you make decisions without a clear understanding of how you and your family will be impacted, both now and in the future? We empower you with knowledge to consider your options and make informed decisions.

Divorce can be draining, expensive, time-intensive and all-consuming. We work with men and women who realize they need support as they try to understand and process their options, while mitigating feelings of overwhelm. We work with our clients to ensure this arduous and emotional process doesn’t consume their families, their careers and their lives…. to keep the ship afloat! 

We'll help you understand, weigh and process the dozens of decisions you need to make, analyze the ramifications of those decisions and assist you in responding in a detailed and timely manner. We are not attorneys. We are an experienced team of experts in each area of divorce— we help you get organized, strategically prepare and find the best attorney for your case, saving you time and money

I needed so much help when I decided to leave my marriage, but it seemed every attorney just sucked me dry of money and I felt like I was getting nowhere! A friend suggested I talk with Stephanie and her team at DSNW. OMG, exactly what I needed! I needed a plan. A clear roadmap to get out. 

The DSNW team helped me determine my goals, gather my documents and ready my children, so we could create and live a better life together. By the time I engaged an attorney, I was ready. The divorce process was swift, focused, and far less draining and expensive.
— DSNW Client - Seattle, WA

Learn more about Our Services and how we can help you navigate your pain points, identify your needs and support you along the way. Freedom, hope and happiness are yours to attain, and we can help. We show you how to do more than survive your divorce… you can thrive!