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Leah Hill

Founder | CEO


Leah Hill’s own personal experiences in the Family Court system led her to design a very specific approach to save others the time, money and suffering she saw as harmful and wasteful, in so many ways. Leah’s passionate desire to protect children and families from ongoing heartache and abuse led her to create a unique process to streamline divorce. No two situations are the same!

Leah works with our clients to carefully design a custom Parenting Plan that will work for your family, now and in the future. During the stressful process of divorce, child custody planning is often rushed, and the impacts are misunderstood. Leah advocates for thoughtful, detailed consideration that will benefit your children and truly work for your family.  

After years of experience advocating on behalf of her family and others in the Family Court system, pursuing continuing education in this vast field has prepared Leah for this important work. A Certified Parenting Coach, a Certified Mediator and a trained Victim’s Advocate, Leah walks alongside our clients with authority and empathy, and provides leadership and support during the protracted tangle of dissolution. Known for her calm flexibility and high tolerance for chaos, Leah’s natural skills and abilities to deescalate high-stress situations make her a valuable asset to you and your family. 

Leah provides our clients with discreet, sensitive care and personal service, to ensure individuals and families get the support they need to find hope and healing.


Prior to Divorce Strategies Northwest, Leah served in the corporate event management industry for 20+ years. During that time she also founded and managed an event planning agency. Leah is a proud graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Business | Corporate Communications.

Areas of Expertise

  • Family Law and Custody Consultant
  • Certified Parenting Coach
  • Certified Mediator
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Business and Corporate Communications

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