Divorce Mediation

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Divorce Mediation

If you and your spouse have children, property to divide, and you need help sorting out the details but would like to work together, mediation is a great option. 

Our team at DSNW can support you through our coaching and mediation services, which are designed to help you and your spouse remain amicable, and reach a mutually-desired outcome for your divorce. Even in the friendliest cases, issues of contention almost always arise at some point during the dissolution process. Working with our team helps you understand your rights and sort through the details, so you can arrive at a settlement division that is acceptable to all.

We help you identify your goals, understand and ask for what you want and need, and negotiate from a place of power. As part of the mediation process, we will draft a detailed parenting plan and financial settlement agreement that will be functional for you and your family, now and into the future. At the end of our work with you, when you and your spouse have agreed upon the terms, we will transition you to our in house paralegal for document preparation.

Our approach is unique and differs from traditional mediation. We provide personal, in-depth coaching, along with mediation services, to help you understand your goals, and create an action plan for moving forward. Ours is a more holistic approach and increases the likelihood of a satisfying outcome for both parties and for your children, long-term.

DSNW provides you with:

  1. Education about the divorce process and your rights
  2. Help with getting organized and gathering financial documents
  3. Understand how to approach property division
  4. Understand how to approach an effective parenting plan
  5. Tips and suggestions for how to co-parent effectively now, and as your family grows
  6. Good for couples with children – we draft a detailed, customized, parenting plan that will grow with your family
  7. Good for couples with assets/property that needs to be divided – we carefully examine your family’s assets, and provide recommendations for options of property division
  8. We guide you towards a personal financial plan that will be functional for both parties, now and into the future 
  9. Good for couples who want to work collaboratively and cooperatively, while protecting their own interests

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Walking With You Every Step Of The Way

The end of a marriage is an intense process that sends ripples into all areas of your life.

We empower you with knowledge to carefully consider your options and make informed decisions. We educate you on the maze of divorce and what to expect during this process. We are an experienced team of experts in each area of divorce— we help you get organized, strategically prepare, and design a personal approach to your case. We help you understand how your decisions will affect your family and your future. 

Our professional team saves you time and money by preparing a personalized strategy for your case, and providing realistic expectations of the divorce process. This advance work allows your attorney to focus on the legal aspects of your case, saving you expensive attorney billing hours.

We treat every case with discretion, while providing you and your family with compassionate, effective care. From uncontested divorce cases to heated child custody battles, we support and inform you of your rights and options every step of the way.

Divorce Mediation | Divorce Strategies NW

Personalized Strategy

We recognize that each divorce is different and carefully plan a custom strategy that is right for you and your situation, no matter what stage you are.


Our work together is sensitive, discreet and confidential, while we provide a customized, non-judgmental safe-haven keeping you focused and on task.

Save Time and Money

Our experience, wisdom, and compassionate leadership streamline and supports you through this painful process saving you time and money.


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