Frequently Asked Questions

How we help you during divorce

No one enters a marriage intending for it to end.

Our team of professionals at Divorce Strategies Northwest understands the complexity, fear, stress, and confusion that the process of divorce entails. You’re thrust into a crash course you never hoped to take!

Our team will help you consider your options and develop a strategy that encompasses your personal and family needs, now and in the future. We offer our clients personal, scalable services, for less than one-quarter of most attorney billing rates. With our experience, you will be empowered with knowledge, understand your case and the divorce process, and how to advocate for yourself.  

We help parties work together with respect and dignity, and transition with stability into the next chapter of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with you?

At DSNW we understand that divorce is about people and families and kids. Divorce is about your emotions, your wants and needs, and in many ways will define your future for many years to come. There is far more to a successful divorce than working with an attorney. Our team approaches to divorce in a holistic way… we are compassionate partners to help educate you through the process of divorce.

Individual: If you are considering or facing divorce and feel alone, scared, stuck, or unsure of how to proceed, we can provide you with strategic guidance + compassionate support.

Couple: If you want to work cooperatively with a team of experts, we can help.

You can find more information on our services options HERE.

Are you an attorney?

We are a team of divorce experts who specialize in mediation, life and divorce coaching, parent coaching, client advocacy and financial aspects of your case.

Can I work with the DSNW team instead of hiring an attorney?

For individuals in high-conflict situations, an attorney is essential to provide the legal expertise needed for a contentious situation. However, working with our team can minimize attorney hours by helping you work more efficiently and effectively with your legal team.

Our work with couples in our Conscious Uncoupling package reduces attorney time even more. When working with couples our team handles the preparation, negotiation and drafting of all the legal documentation necessary for your divorce. We partner with local attorneys for expert review prior to legal filing.

Are you therapists?

Many of our clients come to DSNW via a recommendation from their therapist. Our service is a great option between personal therapy, marital counseling and hiring a divorce attorney. We do not provide therapy; we provide divorce coaching services to help clients understand what they want and need, during their divorce and beyond. We often refer clients to talented therapists (in a variety of modalities + specialties), to do the intense emotional work that is often required during a divorce.

Who does DSNW work with?

We work with both individuals and couples who are either considering divorce or ready to move forward into the divorce process. For couples, we offer our Conscious Uncoupling package which focuses on coaching + mediation services. For individuals, we offer our Breaking Free package which includes coaching, strategy development and legal document drafting services.

Why should I hire DSNW and not an attorney?

Most clients find it advantageous to speak with our team prior to hiring an attorney. We do not replace a divorce attorney; we minimize their time and augment their expertise with our focused support + preparation. Family Law attorneys are experts at Family Law.

While attorneys are experts at interpreting and applying the law to your case, most are not well-equipped to provide emotional support and detailed guidance needed as families impart major changes. Because we bill at a lower hourly rate, our prep work helps clients come into the attorney process more organized and well-prepared, with much of the “homework” done in advance.

Couples who choose to work within our guided mediation process minimize their attorney time to only a few hours for final legal review.

What if I’m already working with an attorney?

We can work with you on an hourly basis providing you with coaching and strategy development with our Strategy on Demand service. We can work alongside your attorney to provide extra guidance and support as needed. See services for more information about what is provided with Strategy on Demand.

What exactly will you do for me?

Our process of support is similar when working with individuals and with couples. We start with an extensive introductory meeting with each client individually, to clearly understand their priorities, goals, concerns and identify any potential obstacles. From there, our team will develop a personalized plan + recommendation for our work together.

Next, we work with clients to collect and organize their financial details. Once we have gathered the necessary financial data, we carefully draft a variety of scenarios for strategically dividing the assets in a fair and equitable way. We utilize experts for valuations as needed, we help you understand your rights, and we help you stay organized, focused, and on task along the way.

If you have minor children, we lead you in drafting a detailed parenting plan that will work for your family. We help you understand how to co-parent and communicate effectively, share expenses and support your children now and in the future. We provide guidance, emotional support and a sounding board, detailed information and important education throughout the process.

We are accessible and available when you need us.

Will my divorce cost more if I work with DSNW?

Depending on the details of your case, legal fees can vary widely. Much of the legal cost variables depend on the complexity of asset division and how contentious your separation has become. Without strategic input + preparation, attorney fees can swallow hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life.

Working with our team prior to hiring an attorney is a healthy way to take charge of your situation, become educated about the process of dissolution, and ultimately pay less in legal fees. Because we work with you to prepare in advance, the time spent with your attorney is maximized, making the most of your time and attorneys’ fees.

Another cost-saving measure is to select the very best attorney for your case. We work with our clients to help them find the most experienced, cost-effective attorney for their case.

How much will my divorce cost?

The average cost for a divorce in Washington State is $28,000 per party. Working with DSNW, our clients save over 80% on legal fees.

What if my relationship is abusive?

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please visit our Domestic Abuse page for resources. CLICK HERE


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