How We Help You in Divorce

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Walking You Through Divorce

Whether your divorce is expected or has come as a surprise, the details of dissolution can become an overwhelming beast like you never imagined. Just like each family, every divorce is unique. Divorce can feel like a vortex with no end in sight…. and what will life look and feel like now? There is life on the other side and we help you create yours. 

People often stay in a marital / family situation they know is unhealthy because divorce is the fear of the unknown. With a clear understanding of your options and the process, you can proceed thoughtfully and with confidence. Knowledge is power— it puts you in control of your case.

Saving You TIME and MONEY

Burning through attorneys’ fees can happen quickly, often with no tangible results. Our unique approach to the divorce process saves you time and money, while eliminating the feeling of being overwhelmed. We help you understand your rights, work with you to determine your goals, and evaluate decisions for you and your family.

How we Help During Divorce | Divorce Strategies NW

Empowering You with Knowledge

Our team will help you consider your options and develop a strategy that encompasses your personal and family needs, now and in the future. We offer our clients personal, scalable services and clear deliverables, for less than one-quarter of most attorney billing rates. With our experience, you will be empowered with knowledge, understand your case and the divorce process, and how to advocate for yourself.

We arm you with a personal, strategic plan to discuss with your attorney. This advance work empowers you with knowledge, while saving you time and money. When you are ready to proceed legally, we help you seek and retain the best, most appropriate legal counsel, head to Family Court and beyond. We ask attorneys to focus on their specialty— legal representation for you.

Disciplined, experienced leadership and intentional planning during the divorce process directly affect the life you and your family will live in the future. Our unique, personalized strategy maximizes your money, time and emotional energy.

Let us help you!

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Our Mission Statement

Personalized Strategy

We recognize that each divorce is different and carefully plan a custom strategy that is right for you and your situation, no matter what stage you are.


Our work together is sensitive, discreet and confidential, while we provide a customized, non-judgmental safe-haven keeping you focused and on task.

Save Time and Money

Our experience, wisdom, and compassionate leadership streamline and supports you through this painful process saving you time and money.


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