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Divorce is often viewed as war, with each small interaction a battle. While trying to “win the battle,” we send shock waves throughout our community—into our families, our children, friends, and professional lives.
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Tax Considerations while Divorcing in Washington State
Before making the decision to divorce, it is wise to consider how divorce will affect your taxes.
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10 Key Steps to Prepare for Divorce | Divorce Strategies Northwest
10 Key Steps to Prepare for Your Divorce is a divorce resource article by Leah Hill, at Divorce Strategies NW to help those preparing for divorce.
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When considering divorce, it is important to take into account the financial obligation you might owe your former spouse. In Washington State, we call it “spousal maintenance”, but you might have also heard it called alimony.
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Divorce is a tumultuous experience. The emotional turmoil and significant financial changes are some of life’s most intense experiences. Divorce can lead to an unstable financial future. Intentional financial planning and informed decisions will ensure that your divorce...
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