Shared Expenses In Divorce | Divorce Strategies NW
The beginning of the school year brings excitement, fun with new and familiar friends, and a steady stream of expenses for parents of active children. But this year is different because you and your spouse/partner have separated. Before, you simply paid for their sports and clubs and groups and teams from your joint checking account....
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Community Property in Washington State | Divorce Strategies NW
Following Washington State law, mediation divides community property is divided as equally and equitably as possible. What can be confusing is whether certain property is considered community or separate property.
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Kirkland, WA Divorce Client Story | Divorce Strategies Northwest
A recent client of Divorce Strategies Northwest in Kirkland shares their personal experience working with our team.
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Financial Uncertainty During Divorce | Divorce Strategies NW
During the complexity and uncertainty of divorce, it’s understandable that to feel stressed about your finances. Read our six ways to manage your financial stress during divorce.
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Warren, a recent client of Divorce Strategies Northwest, shares his personal experience working with our team.
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An Overview of the Divorce Process in Washington State | Divorce Strategies NW
Once you have decided to proceed with divorce in Washington State, it is important to know what to expect during the process.
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How Does a Divorce Affect Retirement Benefits | Divorce Strategies NW
How Does A Divorce Affect Retirement Benefits by Leah Hill provides insights on how a 401K and social security are impacted during Divorce.
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Top Priorities When Your Divorce is Finalized | Divorce Strategies NW
When your divorce becomes final, follow these steps to ensure you are set up for success.
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How to Keep the House in Divorce | Divorce Strategies Northwest
The house is typically the most emotional asset in dissolution, and the contents are often the most hotly contested.
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Why a “Spending Plan”and not a “Budget” | Divorce Strategies Northwest
Just focus on the word budget for a moment and see what comes up in your body. If you're like most...
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