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Following are some reasons why you might consider changing your name after a divorce, and how to get started with the legal process of changing your name in Washington.
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How To Maintain A Strong Relationship With Your Children After Divorce | Divorce Strategies NW
Divorce is the fear of the unknown. Many parents worry how their relationship with their children will be affected if they pursue divorce. It takes intentional work to maintain relationships after divorce. There are tools and specific ways...
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Preparing for Divorce Checklist | Divorce Strategies NW
Whether you or your spouse initiates the dissolution of the marriage, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. This is a complex, chaotic time for many families. Stay focused and organized as you move through the process of dissolution.
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Community Property in Washington State | Divorce Strategies NW
Following Washington State law, mediation divides community property is divided as equally and equitably as possible. What can be confusing is whether certain property is considered community or separate property.
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Making the decision to divorce is never easy and it’s a decision that one usually comes to after much, typically years of, deliberation.
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