Mediation for Divorced Couples in Redmond

Mediation for Divorce Couples | Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond

Co-Parenting Issues Requiring Mediation Services

Mediation for Divorced Couples in Redmond

Many co-parents in Redmond find that their original parenting plan does not adequately address issues they are facing post-divorce…. or their family circumstances have changed. Parenting plans are notoriously hard to change, once in place. If you and your co-parent find yourself continually facing the same issues, mediation in Redmond is a fantastic option for you.

Mediation is the least adversarial process to resolve conflicts.

An experienced mediator can help these couples resolve issues, rather than hiring attorneys, preparing for battle, and heading to court. For a fraction of the cost, our experienced team will provide a comfortable forum for each party to voice their concerns and perspective(s) on the issue(s). We work with you to come to an agreement while avoiding the time, expense, acrimony, and hassle of litigation.

Our experienced team will provide a comfortable forum for each party to voice their concerns and perspective(s) on the issue(s). We work with you to come to an agreement while avoiding the time, expense, acrimony, and hassle of litigation.

We work to help families come to resolution and co-parent peacefully, with boundaries in place.

Conflict Resolution and Co-Parenting Issues in Redmond

Our team addresses issues of conflict such as:

  • Private schooling
  • Extracurricular activities/sports — choice(s), expense, commitment, and responsibilities
  • Shared decision-making challenges and conflicts
  • Post-secondary education selection, payment, and responsibilities
  • Alternative lifestyle choices
  • Purchasing vehicles + insurance for teenage children
  • Consistent discipline between households
  • Siblings with different needs
  • Conflicting values between co-parents
  • Challenges within blended families
  • Communication issues — disagreement, disrespect, and degradation
  • Various financial conflicts within families and between co-parents
  • Many more…

Our Process for Divorced Couples in Redmond

Our mediation process for divorced couples in Redmond is different from DSNW’s traditional mediation services. We have a developed best practices and specific protocols to manage even the most contentious co-parenting relationships. We carefully consider each party’s position and discuss with you what is best for your children.

Our team has a high success rate of resolution in mediation. We help families avoid the uncertainty, expense, and stress of litigation and court proceedings. Mediation means YOU have a say in the results. Our skilled team listens to each party, to determine what avenue is advantageous for all; we work to create agreements that benefit all parties.

With this goal in mind, we aim to proactively create governing rules with longevity, avoiding the need for further disagreements and costs. DSNW’s discreet style of mediation (out of court + away from public record) is an additional benefit our clients appreciate.

If necessary, we can provide referrals to family law attorneys in Redmond whose practices offer unbundled legal services, to address specific issues related to post-divorce conflict.

We Are Solution-Oriented

If conflict and co-parenting issues are repeatedly plaguing your and your former spouse, contact us to see if our services are a good match for you and your family. Our team goal is to bring the parties to resolution without rolling the dice by heading to family court… we help you achieve peaceful, satisfactory resolution(s) for all.

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Our Mission Statement

Personalized Strategy

We recognize that each divorce is different and carefully plan a custom strategy that is right for you and your situation, no matter what stage you are.


Our work together is sensitive, discreet and confidential, while we provide a customized, non-judgmental safe-haven keeping you focused and on task.

Save Time and Money

Our experience, wisdom, and compassionate leadership streamline and supports you through this painful process saving you time and money.


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