Divorce Mediation vs Divorce Attorney

If you have a desire to avoid the drama, personal toll, emotional battle of a litigated divorce, if you don’t want to waste money arguing about things that truly don’t matter, if you would prefer to avoid paying attorneys’ exorbitant and unpredictable fees, then mediation is a good alternative to consider for your dissolution case.

Attorney-Driven Divorce

There are no winners in divorce. In a litigated divorce, attorneys work on behalf of their client to attack the other party’s position. This style of divorce is geared towards polarization– no matter it this is at the detriment of the other spouse, the children, and the overall health of the family.

When each spouse hires an attorney, family law attorneys spend months arguing back and forth on contested issues of child custody, asset division, Spousal Maintenance and Child Support.

Divorces involving attorneys are adversarial, contentious, expensive and exhausting. The process is lengthy, court records become public knowledge, and emotionally taxing for everyone, including children, family and friends.

Divorce Mediation with Divorce Strategies Northwest

A mediator is a neutral third party who guides you through the process of dissolution. Mediators communicate with spouses directly (privately, and out of court), working to resolve all issues and details that pertain to their divorce. Mediators work with individuals and couples together, depending on the comfort level of the parties involved.

A large benefit of mediation is that couples have input regarding their individual concerns, and have direct input into the terms of their dissolution settlement agreement. Our team remains neutral and helps the two parties negotiate and come to agreement to resolve all issues pertaining to their divorce. Couples are directly involved in the terms of their final agreement, rather than a judge and/or attorney(s) making decisions you are forced to live with for years to come.

Our goal in mediation is to reach amicable solutions that prioritize children’s needs, and to find agreements that focus on the family’s needs and stability, now and in the future.

Your Trusted Partner

Whether you’re contemplating a divorce, have already started the process, or are far into the proceedings, do you wish you had someone to share with you the inside scoop on how to save money, time and emotional energy on your divorce?

Our team is available for a complimentary consultation to discuss the many scenarios, options and implications of separation or divorce, via telephone or video-conference during this time. Feel free to get in touch with us; we are here for you!

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