Client Journey In Divorce

No one enters a marriage intending for it to end.

Our team of professionals at Divorce Strategies Northwest understands the complexity, fear, stress, and confusion that the process of divorce entails. You’re thrust into a crash course you never hoped to take!

We will help you consider your options and develop a strategy that encompasses your personal and family needs, now and in the future. We offer our clients personal, scalable services, for less than one-quarter of most attorney billing rates. With our experience, you will be empowered with knowledge, understand your case and the divorce process, and be empowered to advocate for yourself.

Read a recent client testimonial below to see how DSNW can become your advocate and partner, eliminating overwhelm.

Client Testimonial

“Miss Leah,

You are an angel and I suspected as much from the moment we began our conversations. Rarely has someone in their professional capacity shown me so much understanding, empathy, and kindness. Should I or anybody I know require the help I needed, you would be the only place I would go or recommend.

Thank you so much for your crucial assistance during a rather difficult and uncertain time for me personally. You have gifted me much-needed reassurance and gently shown me a way forward, out of my analysis paralysis.

I hope to stay in touch!

With extreme respect and gratitude,

DSNW | Client

Your Trusted Partner

Whether you’re contemplating a divorce, have already started the process, or are far into the proceedings, do you wish you had someone to share with you the inside scoop on how to save money, time, and emotional energy on your divorce?

Our team is available for a Support on Demand session to discuss the many scenarios, options, and implications of separation or divorce, via telephone or videoconference during this time. Feel free to get in touch with us; we are here for you!

Leah Hill Email Signature | Divorce Strategies NW

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